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Data Illustrated Viewer

Here you can download the free Data Illustrated Viewer.  This program allows you to view and print in high quality Data Illustrated Documents ".did".  All documents at this site are available in this format.  In addition Math Composer projects can be exported to this format allowing them to be viewed by any one who does not already have Math Composer.


Download Free Viewer (Windows)
DIViewer.exe (1.61 MB)  



To download the viewer click the Download Now button.  The File Download box will appear.  Choose Save.  Then select a location to which to save the file.  When the download is complete click the Run button and follow the installation instructions.

Using the Viewer

Open File from Disk:  Data Illustrated Viewer documents have a ".did" extension . If you already have a ".did" file on your computer you wish to open (either a file you have downloaded from our website or a file you have converted from a Math Composer document to a ".did" file), simply click the button to display the open box and locate your file.  A document can also be opened by clicking on it. 

Open File from Web: If you are connected to the internet and you want to see a list of all the documents we have available on our website, you can see the entire list and download them directly into the viewer by clicking the button to display the web file box.  Click the document you want to view.  It may take a few seconds, depending on your internet connection speed, for the document to be downloaded and displayed. Once you have viewed a particular file from the web that file is in the viewer cache and you can view that file at any time (even if you are not connected to the internet) by returning to the web file box.

Print Document: Click the   button to display the print box where you can change the printer settings.  Press print button to print the document.

Change Page: If the document has more than one page, use the previous page  or next page buttons to navigate between pages.

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